A Multi-Faceted App for Digital Excellence

Twice a year, the fashion world converges on Copenhagen for CIFF, the premier tradeshow during Fashion Week. Our recent collaboration with the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology in the trade show industry.

The challenge? Streamlining the experience for tens of thousands of buyers and visitors navigating the expansive Bella Center – a sprawling 50,000 sqm space housing 1000 brands.

A Multi-Faceted App for Tradeshow Excellence

Enter our cross-platform native app, designed to transform the CIFF experience on three fronts.

Digital Ticketing Powerhouse

Seamlessly integrated with our advanced registration and ticketing system, the app serves as the ticket for all attendees. Gone are the days of paper tickets, wristbands or badges; attendees now have a granular digital passport to explore the world of fashion at CIFF.

Interactive Indoor Map for Effortless Navigation

Navigating the vast expanse of CIFF has never been easier. The app boasts an interactive map covering every nook and cranny of the trade show. With a single tap, users are guided in real-time to their desired stands, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey across the expansive venue.

Transforming CIFF into a Digital Market Leader

CIFF is rapidly ascending as a digital market leader in the trade show landscape, thanks to the transformative impact of our app. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: Buyers and visitors can effortlessly locate brands, plan routes, and navigate CIFF with unprecedented ease, fostering a positive and efficient experience.
  • Direct Communication Channels: CIFF establishes direct communication channels with attendees, leveraging contextual push-notifications. This personal touch enhances engagement, keeping visitors informed and excited throughout the event.
  • Real-Time Data Insights: Behind the scenes, our system empowers CIFF with real-time data collection. Insights into customer traffic patterns, visit frequency, and duration offer unparalleled opportunities for optimising staffing, queue management, incident localization, and stand performance.
Communication Hub

CIFF now communicates effortlessly with its audience through the app. From breaking news to exclusive highlights, the app keeps attendees in the loop throughout Fashion Week with granular in-app notifications, fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Shaping the Future of Trade Show user experience

Our lab is proud to have played a role in transforming CIFF into a digital trailblazer. Our services not only simplifies the logistics of the event but also provides CIFF with invaluable data for strategic decision-making. Together, we are shaping the future of fashion trade shows, creating a seamless blend of technology and style that sets new standards for the industry.

Tech Stack

The app is designed and built using React Native – a powerful open-source UI software framework cross programming language, allowing us to deploy truly native apps across iOS and Android simultaneous and with a shared codebase for efficient and cost-effective development.

The app utilises the Mapbox JS framework for custom designed mapping and connects to our own purpose build API and SDK.